Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'll be back!


Jiby said...

what happened, vinodcheta? came back some time back, to read one of your articles and was surprised to see the whole blog gone!

hope to see you back soon.

scorpiogenius said...

hey Vinod,

What about contacting Google? Perhaps they could retrieve your posts...

scorpiogenius said...

Hey, we are still waiting for the return post.. :))

Bird said...

Ur words "Addicted to Kerala and its politics. As I grow older, I realize that on economic policy I am moving to the right while on social issues I am moving to the left" : This would land you in contradictory stand. People like you can evovle a good rightwing stand in social matters. That would be a great help to the right wing politicians who are weak in that side.

Hope you will come back soon!!!

Girish said...

dei enthanu onnum ezhuthathathu. Busy with family life?

Bijoy said...

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